The Alamo

Remember the Alamo! From the very day General Antonio López de Santa Anna and his army arrived outside San Antonio, Texas (February 23, 1836), people have been talking about the ensuing battle, the people involved and the myths that sprang from this legendary part of American history.

The state’s top tourist attraction, the Alamo sees more than 2.5 million visitors every year at the 4.2-acre site. For 13 days, the Texan and Tejano defenders stood their ground, getting help from outside volunteers in this tug of war over Texas. Among the able bodies were knife fighter Jim Bowie of Bowi knife fame, and former Tennessee congressman and “king of the wild frontier,” David Crockett. The fight became the beginning of the end of Mexico’s grip on Texas, which not long after became an independent republic, and eventually a state. The museum sees steady business and does a nice job of making your visit interesting. Don’t forget your raccoon-skin cap.