Don’t Get Sick on the Plane

Try to be as rested and nourished as possible when you board. Then…

1. From the second you board the plane until you are at your destination, never touch your face. Eye and nose rubbing is taboo.

2. Wipe down arm rests and your tray table—especially the latch—with a Wet One. Ignore the looks you might get.

3. Only drink water you can see is coming from a bottle. (The ice is OK.) Never drink the coffee or tea. Airplane water holding tanks are seldom cleaned or replaced and are germy as hell.

4. In the lavatory, use the anti-bacterial gel instead of the soap and water. Bring a small bottle of your own to use once you’re back at your seat.

5. The seat pocket in front of you is a cesspool of germs. Never put anything in it. Avoid over-handling anything that is already in the seat pocket. Do not take the free magazine with you when you deplane.

6. Forego the dab of antibiotic ointment in the nostrils. It’s a myth.