Use Travel Time Wisely

Ever sit beside somebody who didn’t even bring a book? (Is there a WordPress emoticon for “moron”?) Here’s how to use your travel time in the best ways possible.

1. Use travel time to relax, not to work. Power-down and give your brain a break.

2. Load your iPad with that documentary you’ve been meaning to watch or that video tutorial you haven’t yet had time to wrap your head around.

3. Review a language app of the foreign country you’re heading to (quietly, of course). Even 10 simple words and phrases can go a long way—and two of them better be “please” and “thank you.”

4. Is the flight attendant/tour guide handing out local newspapers? Brush up on the news of the day at your destination, so you’ll have something to add to the local chit-chat. This is an especially good idea if you’re travelling on business and meeting up with foreign colleagues.

5. Never forget this all-important travel rule—plane, train or bus: Sleep when you can.