Get Off Your Ass

G Adventures has a bunch of new trips in their Active category for those of you who equate travelling with not sitting still – i.e. trekking, camping, biking and kayaking. Many of these trips use camping as the accommodation option, which saves you money and gets you closer to nature.

An 11-day cultural trek in the Himalayas offers up temples and monasteries, sacred mountain passages and access to some of the most beautiful and remote places in the world. Hike along the UNESCO-listed Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route in Japan, then cycle across the world’s largest series of suspension bridges, then kayak around the floating Itsukushima Shrine – all in 13 days. Five days of cycling the back roads in China will also put you on the Great Wall of China, at historic Tiananmen Square, and in the Forbidden City. And a 10-day Patagonia multi-sport adventure takes you through Torres del Paine National Park, cycling out to Laguna Sofia, kayaking alongside the Grey Glacier, and cycling among the peaks of Patagonia. Visit