Book a Green Hotel

In an effort to make travel even more climate-friendly, eco-conscious booking platform Green Hotel World helps you minimize your travel impact on the environment.

The non-profit site lists only green-certified hotels and supports those that sustain the local community. It features a rating system so you know just how green each hotel is, and compensates for the carbon emissions of your stay. They are currently at 2,400 kg and counting!

It works via referral money. When you visit GreenHotelWorld.com, click on your favourite booking platform (Expedia, Booking.com, etc.) and book your hotel, Green Hotel gets a commission. They give this money to MyClimate, one of the world’s top providers of voluntary carbon-offsetting measures. MyClimate then uses the money for projects they run in India, Nicaragua and Kenya so far, focussing on things like reforestation, clean drinking water supplies, waste management, biogas plants, wind power, solar stoves and more. Visit GreenHotelWorld.com.