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Travelling With Kids

Tips to keep them happy in-flight.

Save Money at the Airport

If you don’t put your hand in your pocket, you win.

Deal With the Middle Seat

Are you a magnet for the middle seat? Read these dos and don’ts.

Best Seat on the Plane

When checking in, find the Change Seat button and use it to your advantage.

Use Travel Time Wisely

Ever sit beside somebody who didn’t even bring a book? (Is there a WordPress emoticon for “moron”?) Here’s how to use your travel time in the best ways possible. 1. Use travel time to relax, not to work. Power-down and give your brain a break. 2. Load your iPad with that documentary you’ve been meaning to … Continue reading Use Travel Time Wisely

Ease Airport Stress

Improve your airport experience with this checklist.

Don’t Get Sick on the Plane

Try to be as rested and nourished as possible when you board. Then… 1. From the second you board the plane until you are at your destination, never touch your face. Eye and nose rubbing is taboo. 2. Wipe down arm rests and your tray table—especially the latch—with a Wet One. Ignore the looks you … Continue reading Don’t Get Sick on the Plane

Sleep Better

Take the sting out of getting up at zero-dark-hundred or boarding at midnight.