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FORTALEZA, BRAZIL—Pandemic-drinking our way through the liquor cabinet, which is actually two cabinets (maybe not for long), I came across a half-bottle of cachaca.

The Swizzle is the shizzle

BERMUDA—Sure, we bring home tequila (Mexico), rum (Barbados), triple sec (Grenada) and Blue Curaçao (um, Curaçao), but for Bermuda, all you need is the recipe for the delicious Rum Swizzle.

The Pegu Club

The Pegu Club is your new signature summer cocktail.

Miami Beach: Hotel Bars

Drop by any one of these Miami Beach hotel hangouts to wet your whistle day or night. (Scroll down for the slideshow.) The Eden Roc Well, this one is actually in Miami Beach proper. The terrazzo floors of the sunken lobby bar at the Eden Roc have welcomed the footsteps of Frank Sinatra, Katharine Hepburn … Continue reading Miami Beach: Hotel Bars