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Lamb bacon is a thing

FOGO ISLAND, NL—My mother would have laughed like a fool—I ate turnip greens for breakfast. To be more specific: braised turnip greens, lamb belly, black garlic and a fried egg. This at the stunning Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland and Labrador. We’re spending three glorious days wandering over the rocks, hiking the trails, hot-tubbing on the roof, watching for whales, listening to stories—and eating.

Newfoundland: Fogo Island Inn

Radiating both modernity and tradition, this comfortable resort on one of Newfoundland’s most remote and beautiful islands delivers homespun luxury with community-oriented hospitality. The hospitality here is sublime. Guests get a feeling they’re at Grandma’s house and can do as they please. As a charitable, socially conscious business, the Inn reinvests profits in the Fogo … Continue reading Newfoundland: Fogo Island Inn

I ate a moose and I liked it

AVONDALE, NL—I’ve been using the word “foodways” a lot recently, in writing descriptions of a cultural—and generally traditional—dish or ingredient or preparation style, even within my own country: Forty-five minutes outside St. John’s in Avondale, NL, we meet Chef Lori McCarthy of Cod Sounds.

St. John’s: Inn by Mallard Cottage

Go for the traditional Newfoundland charm—stay for the warm-hearted, unending welcome. Opened in June 2017, the Inn by Mallard Cottage is a little taste of heaven surrounded by the craggy harbour cliffs of picturesque Quidi Vidi Village, delivering legendary Newfoundland hospitality at its best. Vibe: At Inn by Mallard Cottage, two separate guest houses contain … Continue reading St. John’s: Inn by Mallard Cottage