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Quebec: Auberge Saint-Antoine

Quebec City’s award-winning Relais & Châteaux gem Auberge Saint-Antoine is warm, charming, comfortable, beautiful, storied. Partially built over the old rampart, Auberge Saint-Antoine has worked archaeological treasures discovered on the site into its décor. Unearthed crockery, glass, hardware and household items, some dating back to the 1600s, punctuate cozy nooks, room entrances and lobby walls. … Continue reading Quebec: Auberge Saint-Antoine

Quebec: Ice Hotel

Winter glamping returns year after year—same time, same place. Built every January in Valcartier Village Park out of 30,000 tons of snow only to melt when the higher temps return, the Hôtel de Glace is the only ice hotel in North America and a solid rival to its counterparts in Finland, France, Iceland, Sweden and … Continue reading Quebec: Ice Hotel


Winter in Charlevoix is pure Canadiana—all cozy firesides, dogsledding, skiing, art galleries, hot apple cider, amazing local cuisine, you get the picture. When life hands Canadians winter, we make it fun. No one knows this better than Charlevoix, which has been doing this for more than 200 years. Tucked up along the St. Lawrence, north … Continue reading Charlevoix