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Scotland: The Highlands

Perhaps due to the fact that the population is one-tenth that of England, Scotland feels a bit more small-town, even in the city. People tend to actually converse with you rather than just talk and you get the straight goods without having to fish for it. With the Scottish, there always seems to be a … Continue reading Scotland: The Highlands

Scotland: Speyside

Home to more than half of Scotland’s distilleries, Speyside sits right on the Malt Whisky Trail—a sure-fire route back to your roots. Speyside is the region in northern Scotland along the banks of the River Spey more or less between Inverness and Aberdeen. Difficult to categorize because there are so many, the whiskies here have … Continue reading Scotland: Speyside

Edinburgh: The Scotsman

No two rooms are alike in this Baroque beauty at the top of North Bridge. This landmark building just off the Royal Mile, formerly the home of the Scotsman newspaper, manages to retain its Edwardian glory while sparkling with modern comfort across its 73 rooms. Vibe: The crowd at the Scotsman is upscale for sure, … Continue reading Edinburgh: The Scotsman

The Pegu Club

The Pegu Club is your new signature summer cocktail.