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We put the man in manicure

WHISTLER, BC—I’ve been threatening to cut Tim’s hair for days now, as it grows shaggier and scoobier every day. He doesn’t think I’ll actually do it. Lots of time for lots of other detailed grooming, however.

Caesars eat like a meal

BRITISH COLUMBIA—Every so often I abandon my aversion to Clamato juice (too much MSG) and order a Bloody Caesar, usually just to go with the flow. Or to make morning drinking OK. Bloody Mary’s seem to be more my style in my dotage, I’m finding.

Whistler: Nita Lake Lodge

Delivering total Canadiana in myriad forms, Nita Lake Lodge is one of the top three resorts in town, combining sexy chalet style, a laid-back vibe, top-notch dining and hillside convenience in one seamless package. That it is a hangout for locals, too, yields even more authenticity. Vibe: Nita Lake Lodge is the real Whistler, complete … Continue reading Whistler: Nita Lake Lodge