Buy the Right Luggage

With such a deep well of total crap luggage to buy out there, you need to NOT SETTLE!

1. Decide if you are a soft or hard case person.

2. If shopping in person, look for the lightest luggage you can find, but nothing too flimsy.

3. Always go with the next-to-largest size, or at least one size up from what you think you need. You probably don’t need all three sizes of the same case.

4. Steer clear of black to avoid carousel conundrums.

5. Extra pouches, compartments and dividers inside just means less room for your stuff. Find a balance.

6. Veer away from too many outer pockets, which are too tempting for handlers in shadier airports. Zippers and tags can also catch on other bags on the carousel.

7. Never buy the lowest-priced model. It will just wear out faster.

8. Only buy bags that come with a good warranty.

9. Shopping online can yield the best discounts, but pay attention to the dimensions: It could be too small or too big when it arrives at your door.