Sleep Better on the Plane

Take the sting out of getting up at zero-dark-hundred or boarding at midnight. When you have to get up at zero dark hundred or board at midnight, here are a few tricks to help you sleep better on the plane.

1. Choose a window seat nowhere near the bathroom or the galley noise. Avoid the bulkheads where parents with infants tend to get seated.

2. The back row and the row in front of the exit door row may not recline.

3. Put all carryon luggage in the overhead bin, leaving the space under the seat in front of you for just your feet.

4. A neck pillow and ear plugs go without saying, but throw on an eye mask as well.

5. Take off your shoes, so your feet can swell freely.

6. Keep sleep aids simple: melatonin, Gravol.

7. Tell yourself, “It’s currently 4 a.m. where I’m landing.” The power of suggestion really works.