Save or Splurge?

Just like clothes-shopping, memorable travel experiences come with a high-low mix. Here’s how to save or splurge like a pro.

1. Stopover in Minnesota? Save at a discount hotel chain.

2. Stopover in L.A.? Splurge at a boutique hotel on the beach.

3. Spending a fortune on flights? Save on the hotel (or rent an apartment).

4. Quick business trip by yourself? Save with a web deal, then splurge on a nice meal or a massage.

5. Taking your parents? Splurge on Mom; play it by ear with Dad.

6. Taking the kids? Save as much as you can. (They won’t care.)

7. Backpacking for a week and dog tired? Splurge on the thread count.

8. Never likely visiting your destination ever again? Splurge on something memorable.