Letting it all hang out on Paradise Beach, Ceará, Brazil (Doug Wallace)

Travel Companionship

Nobody wants to go on holiday with you? Gee, I wonder why. Consider that you may be a complete pill to travel with. Is it time to clean up your act?

1. Be on time for the trip. No one wants to guess if your alarm went off or not. Travel is stressful enough without you adding to it right out of the gate.

2. Don’t be any of these things: whiney, fussy, grumpy, bossy, shirty – any of the ill-tempered words that end in “y.” Just calm the hell down.

3. Never complain unless it’s warranted. See “whiney.”

4. Never fixate – on how awful lunch was, on what to buy your mom, on a bad night’s sleep. Fixaters – rhymes with haters – distract others from enjoying their experience.

5. If travel plans change, just go with the flow. Dealing with the unexpected is all part of the adventure.

6. Learn how to nap. See “grumpy.”

7. Learn how to shut up. Especially if you talk to yourself.

8. If you need some time alone, say so. And encourage your companion to do the same.

P.S. This is not a mean post.