You’ve seen the movies and sang the songs – it’s time you got on the road to Morocco.

Marrakesh and Casablanca are three hours apart by train; Casablanca is the economic and business centre, while Marrakesh is the tourist hub. This part of the world is steeped in history with a culture so rich and colourful, you may have to spend a month winding your way through all its compelling corners.

Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque features the world’s tallest minaret and the small island of Marabout de Sisi Abderrahmane is where locals go to get away from it all. The Morocco Mall is the largest in all of Africa.

Marrakesh is a bit more relaxed, awash in traditional markets, lush gardens, tombs and palaces, including the famous Bahia Palace. The real draw, though, is the Moroccan countryside, which has it all: two coasts, forest, rock, farmland, desert and palm trees. Start planning at