Connecting Flights

Never throw caution to the wind. Take all the right steps to make sure flight connections flow as smoothly as possible.

1. Mentally prepare yourself for weather delays – for the planes, and for the trains and automobiles that lead up to your initial flight.

2. Book flights as early as possible, and go with the morning routes. There is more chance of correcting a connecting problem if it occurs early in the day.

3. Leave lots of time between flights in case your starting leg is behind schedule.

4. What’s the weather in the connecting city for the flight you’re thinking of booking? Many people ignore this, so don’t be one of them. There’s more chance of weather delays in New York than in Miami, for example.

5. Consider that smaller connecting airports will have fewer problems, less people, less traffic, etc.

6. Can’t handle it? Pay the extra money to fly non-stop.