Had to cancel your trip to Florence? Go virtually and get your Duomo on.

Webinars are the new brochures

So much armchair travel candy, so much time… Seriously, my email inbox is nothing but virtual visit pleas—Nevada! Massachusetts! Antarctica! Maybe my harrumphing is just a phase.

GAdventures is introducing Virtual Travel Experiences: live, small-group tours that you sign up for and put on the calendar, like a travel webinar.

Launched in late April, the weekly series sees you and 15 others going on a cross-city or cross-country virtual tour with one of the company’s local CEOs—chief experience officers—hitting five locations in one hour. Using Google Maps and photos, the guides walk participants around the place and share insider intel and travel tips for your #travelbackpocket. Observers are able to follow along on the trip without joining the group.

Florence was April’s first journey. The next stop is Argentina and Chile May 12. Maybe that link will take you somewhere current if you’re clicking through after the fact. Keep an eye out for Antigua, Cape Town and Hanoi. With input from travellers, GAdventures will continue to add elements and destinations to the list.

If pandemic stress is catching up with you, these virtual walking tours can help your mind wander while your partner makes the bucket list.