Negative PCR tests are no longer required for entry into the Dominican Republic. (Doug Wallace)

The DR has you covered

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC—Becoming ill with COVID-19 in the Caribbean without complete travel insurance is one of the best reasons to stay home, I figure. And just think of all the brides who will be booking the Legion Hall and the Snowbirds who will be going to the grandkids’ hockey games instead of playing pickle ball in Arizona this winter.

The Dominican Republic had a recent bright idea, offering a recovery plan that includes medical insurance to visitors in a bid to restart its tourism-dependent economy. Promoting “a responsible recovery that prioritizes health,” the tourism board is offering a temporary free travel assistance plan in effect until December 2020 to everyone visiting a hotel, that includes emergency coverage, COVID tests and cost coverage for a long-term stay. As well, proof of a negative test is no longer required upon entry into the country. Instead, random “quick tests” will be performed.


This new Dominican travel insurance is a big deal and not without a hefty price tag: $28 million in promotion and financing, and $7 million in wooing plans to solidify air routes to and from. Let’s see how long it takes other Caribbean governments to haul a big bale of money down from the attic and follow suit.