Top Tips

Top Tip 40

Never pack anything you would be devastated to lose or have stolen.

Top Tip 39

Stop worrying about the kids. And you don’t have to call them every other day, either.

Top Tip 38

Don’t hang your purses on the restaurant chair back.

Top Tip 37

Dukoral really works. That said, always pack anti-diarrhea medications and carry them on the plane.

Top Tip 36

Spring for the upgrade. Your credit card will never know the difference.

Top Tip 35

Pack Tylenol 3s. You don’t need to pay a doctor to tell you you’ve sprained your ankle.

Top Tip 34

Ask your doctor about free travel inoculations before you pay money at a travel clinic.

Top Tip 33

No bat-eating. Also, don’t eat anything that isn’t already dead. Except yogurt and kimchi, etc.

Top Tip 32

It’s OK to just stand and stare at how beautiful something is for a few minutes.

Top Tip 31

Driving in a foreign land? Never take your eyes off the road.

Top Tip 30

If you ever find yourself feeling superior to someone who doesn’t speak English, fuck yourself off.

Top Tip 29

Never take photographs of children unless you ask the parents first.

Top Tip 28

Be kind to animals abroad. They may not have the best life.

Top Tip 27

Don’t be an asshole. Similarly, don’t call out others for being assholes, because you never know if they may be dangerous.

Top Tip 26

People-watching cures travel boredom instantly. And it’s free!

Top Tip 25

Some hotels let you hang out at their pool for a small fee, especially in areas with a high density of tourists.

Top Tip 24

Do you think you will enjoy high tea? Of course you will!

Top Tip 23

You don’t have to sleep at fancy hotels to enjoy them. Pop by for a drink at cocktail hour.

Top Tip 22

Keep travel expenses down by opting for street fare. Some cities have the best food trucks.

Top Tip 21

Never ever touch the mini bar. Unless you really, really want to.

Top Tip 20

Skip expensive hotel laundry service and Google the nearest laundromat instead. (Bonus: You can pack lighter.)

Top Tip 19

The best day to fly? Tuesday, because there is less demand for seats and the prices are lower.

Top Tip 18

The sweet spot for buying a domestic plane ticket is 55 days in advance.

Top Tip 17

A travel steamer will save you from cursing at the seen-better-days iron and ironing board in the hotel-room closet.

Top Tip 16

Sometimes saying “make it a double, please” just feels really right.

Top Tip 15

Select the red-eye flight to shave a night—or two—of hotel rooms off the bill.

Top Tip 14

Yes, there’s definitely time for a nap. Isn’t there always? Just get up a bit earlier.

Top Tip 13

Eliminate pocket fishing at airport security by putting everything in your jacket and nothing in your pants first thing in the morning. Pack your belt in the carryon. Wear loafers.

Top Tip 12

Keep a travel journal so you can share details of your trip with friends down the road.

Top Tip 11

Don’t over-pack! Leave space in your suitcase for souvenirs. Swiss chocolate and Limoncello are very tempting!

Top Tip 10

Learn a few key phrases of the language of the country you’re visiting. Know what their police force equivalent of “Freeze!” is.

Top Tip 9

Choose a destination according to your passions—a food tour in France, a soccer tournament in Barcelona, camping in Switzerland.

Top Tip 8

The travel agent is right. You’ll be way more comfortable in first class.

Top Tip 7

Always travel with a small amount of the currency of the country you’re visiting. What if there’s no bank machine at the airport or the exchange kiosk is closed?

Top Tip 6

Sometimes you just have to have lunch twice.

Top Tip 5

The moment you see an airline offering a sale, wait until the next afternoon to hunt for a fare, because all the airline’s competitors will be trying to match the previous day’s sale price.

Top Tip 4

You deserve those little lacy mats they put on the floor at turn-down.

Top Tip 3

Beat jetlag by conditioning yourself to your destination’s time as quickly as possible upon landing. If it’s midnight, go to bed (maybe with a pill). If it’s morning, have breakfast.

Top Tip 2

There’s a spa out there with your name on it.