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Iceland: Akureyri

Settled in the 9th century, the unofficial Capital of North Iceland at the bottom of Eyjafjörður Fjord is a little pocket of pure Icelandic flavour, with just an icing of kooky to make things interesting. With just 20,000 people, Akureyri is big enough to be bustling, but small enough to be cozy, the best of … Continue reading Iceland: Akureyri


The arts-oriented culture, amazing food, other-worldly topography and healing waters are just four of the many reasons to head to Iceland. Reykjavik stands as a true European cultural capital, while still maintaining a small-town feel. The hip factor is extremely high. Couple that with the steady stream of visiting Europeans of all stripes, just hanging … Continue reading Iceland

Reykjavik: Icelandair Natura

Despite a revolving door of one-night-only guests, this Icelandair hotel is a stylish and cozy oasis of calm. One of a handful of Icelandair hotels in Iceland, the Natura flawlessly mirrors the natural beauty found right on its doorstep. Built in 1966 and renovated in 2011, it gives green-certified comfort, great art—and attuned service. Vibe: … Continue reading Reykjavik: Icelandair Natura