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Hit the road, Jack

Now that everybody is posting pictures of themselves kayaking and rafting and roaming the roads, it’s only natural to want to add an RV to the mix.

Northern Ireland

My appetite for meat and potatoes knows no bounds. Ditto bread and butter. So when I find an abundance of all four and more while road-tripping around Northern Ireland, I am beside myself with delight—and I’m not the only one: food tourism is trending here. When food is such a big part of the culture, … Continue reading Northern Ireland


A road trip to a revitalized Queen City yields warm hospitality, rich heritage, vibrant art and landmark architecture. My friends all pulled a big face, screwing their noses up as if I smelled. “Why the hell are you going to Buffalo?” Morons. Because it’s right around the corner, I told them. Turns out we were … Continue reading Buffalo


Southern Massachusetts, baby! I just like saying “Nantucket.” Nantucket is not just for the summertime anymore, either. Autumn really is the best time to visit, because the population drops from 80,000 to 10,000. Absolutely everybody who doesn’t live there has gone home, so you can wander the cobblestone streets and rub elbows with the locals … Continue reading Nantucket