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The kiss of kirsch

OBERARTH, SWITZERLAND—Kirsch is my new best friend. Lucas Fassbind, also my new best friend, sums up his very special schnapps like so: “Cooling, warming, burning, contracting, silky, round.”

Switzerland: Zurich

Zurich is many things, but stiff certainly isn’t one of them, contrary to its reputation—and lucky for you. An international meeting place with four official languages (none of them English), the city is captivating mix of cultures, cuisine and attitudes. Save and splurge. I remember arriving in Zurich first thing in the morning via a … Continue reading Switzerland: Zurich

Switzerland: Lucerne

With four official languages, Switzerland has always been a healthy mix of cultures, cuisines and diplomatic points of view, drawing influences from its neighbours for centuries. But while Zurich, Geneva and Bern pretty much run the place, it’s Lucerne everybody heads to for a week off. And so should you. This charming little town where … Continue reading Switzerland: Lucerne

Switzerland: Mount Rigi

What happens in Weggis—well, you should actually share it with everyone. This little town just a short jaunt across the river from Lucerne is a springboard to your down-time up where the air is fresh and clean: Mount Rigi. Take a break. Mere steps from the ferry dock is the Post Hotel Weggis, a great … Continue reading Switzerland: Mount Rigi