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Turkey: Istanbul

The Republic of Turkey has been pushed and pulled by the eastern and western worlds for centuries, absorbing influences and cultural attitudes from both Europe and the Middle East. Wherever you head, Istanbul, with 15 million people, will be your first stop. It has been the cosmopolitan centre of the region since it was founded … Continue reading Turkey: Istanbul

Turkey: Ephesus

Abandoned in the 11th century during the Byzantine era, the ancient city of Ephesus near Selçuk in Turkey’s Izmir province was built 3,000 years ago, the largest marble city in the world. An archaeological museum, Ephesus is best known for the Temple of Artemis (built in 550 BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient … Continue reading Turkey: Ephesus

Turkey: Cappadocia

Istanbul is incredible, but a one-hour flight into the heart of Turkey brings you to Cappadocia, a historical gem in Nevşahir province. Here, visitors soak up the traditional lifestyle and amazing topography right alongside the apricot farmers, making time for ancient churches and underground cities, roadside markets, regional cuisine, and artisanal rug makers and ceramicists. … Continue reading Turkey: Cappadocia