Pack a Mini Drugstore

There’s nothing more annoying than getting sick on holiday. And so, like a boyscout – always be prepared. Here’s how to pack a mini drugstore.

1. Two kinds of pain-relievers: ibuprofen such as Advil (an anti-inflammatory) and acetaminophen such as Tylenol. You can combine these two for maximum pain relief.

2. Some kind of sinus congestion medicine and cold/flu tablets.

3. After-Bite, a topical ointment for minor cuts and alcohol-based wipes for disinfecting.

4. Anti-diarrhea medicine, an antacid for heartburn and anti-nausea medicine for motion sickness.

5. Rehydration salts such as Gastrolyte to replenish electrolytes lost from dehydration—too much sun or vomiting/diarrhea.

6. Various sizes of adhesive bandages and a throat lozenge or four. Check with your doctor before taking any medication. Don’t forget your vitamins.