Provided you're attached to a health plan, this pill-aid kit may come in handy this summer.

Mini Drugstore

Here’s a little magic from my magic bean bag… a.k.a. how to make a travel first-aid kit. Well, it’s more pill-aid than first-aid. My doctor came up with this and wrote me a whole bunch of scripts, but talk to YOUR doctor about creating this little first-aid kit and a list of instructions. My doctor is well-travelled—and a bit of a boy scout.

1. Pack regular stuff like Gravol for nausea and boat-motion sickness, Benadryl for allergies or colds, acetaminophen and ibuprophen for pain and inflammation. Don’t forget Imodium for diarrhea and Zantac or Nexium for heartburn.

2. Throw in some kind of sinus congestion medicine, cold/flu tablets and a box of throat lozenges. Summer colds are the worst.

3. Add After-Bite, a topical ointment for minor cuts and alcohol-based wipes for disinfecting.

4. Rehydration salts such as Gastrolyte help replenish electrolytes lost from dehydration—too much sun or working in the garden or just plain-old vomiting.

5. Include various sizes of adhesive bandages and scissors and tape.

6. Now for the prescriptions. Vigamox eye drops take care of eye infections in case you’re one of those scratchy eye people. You know the song: Don’t put your fingers in your eyes or in your bum.

7. Fucidin ointment is a topical for cuts, burns, skin infections, that kinda thing. And Keflex is for severe skin infections that do not respond to Fucidin.

8. Nizoral cream is handy if you’re prone to athlete’s foot. Don’t buy the dandruff shampoo by mistake like I did.

9. Tylenol 3 is for extreme pain. There was a rumour they created a Tylenol 4 once, for Elizabeth Taylor, but I think this was just ’80s gossip.

10. Zithromax is also an antibiotic treatment, used for ear-throat-bronchial-sinus-lung infections.

Don’t forget your vitamins!